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Why is the Academy called ‘Maeng Ho’?


The founder of Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy is Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo.  An accomplished Taekwondo instructor, who in his earlier days became Taekwondo state champion three times in South Korea.  Upon completion of his training, his master gave the name ‘Maeng Ho’ (meaning fierce tiger) as a gift to use for his own Taekwondo Academy.  This was due to Grandmaster Joo’s fearless and powerful martial art nature.  

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Mission Statement

We are a history-rich martial art academy with a passionate dedication to empower people to reach their full potential through disciplined physical and mental training, adding positive value to our students, families and other people in the broader community.

Vision Statement

To be Australia’s most respected martial art academy of Taekwondo, Hapkido and practical self-defence through the delivery of the Academy Founder’s unique Korean military-originated training methodology and the passionate high-quality teaching of his renowned traditional syllabus.

Child Safe Policy

View our Child Safe Policy here.

Code of Conduct

View our Code of Conduct here.

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