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While nearly all martial art clubs have become ‘soft’, superficial and social in its approach to training, Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy has maintained a strong focus on disciplined training.

The benefits of our training reach far beyond just the physical with improvements in student academia, concentration skills, self control and confidence levels.

Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo has trained our qualified instructors through his unique teaching style. Our instructors share this same dedication to teach Taekwondo martial art to their students and look forward to teaching you.

About the Founder: Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo,
PhD HB, ND, DAc, DSc (MA)


Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo was born and raised in South Korea, the home of Taekwondo. To his credit he was three times state champion during his earlier days. In 1966 his martial arts master saw great talent and potential in him such that he was assigned as instructor at his technical college which he attended in the city of Inchon. Upon completion of his education, he began teaching under the academy name of “Maeng Ho”. Literally translated as “fierce tiger”, this name was gifted by his master due to Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo’s fearless and powerful Taekwondo nature.

In 1967 Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo served his country through national military service. His fierce, disciplined and bold nature during military training saw him quickly promoted to the level of Drill Sergeant. He was handed the responsibility to vigorously train the soldiers at the US Army base. He was also Captain of the US Marines Taekwondo Team. Grandmaster Joo has drawn on these years of tough military service during his years of Taekwondo teaching. This no non-sense, disciplined and results-driven training has produced students second-to-none and this standard is the envy of many other Taekwondo academies.

Upon migrating to Hamburg, Germany, in 1972 and then to Melbourne, Australia, in 1982, Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo has actively served in promoting the martial art of Taekwondo. He has also led his students to state, national and international tournaments. Belonging to the ‘old-school’ of Taekwondo, Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy has an enviable reputation throughout Australia for producing quality students.

The following outlines the Taekwondo career of Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo:

  • Commenced his Taekwondo teaching career, Inchon Technical College, 1966

  • Established Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy in Inchon, Korea, 1967

  • Drill Sergeant and Taekwondo Instructor to the US Army, 1968 – 1971

  • Established Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy in Hamburg, Germany, 1992

  • Invited to conduct Taekwondo seminars in Italy and Switzerland, 1979

  • Judge at the 4th World Taekwondo Championship in Stuttgart, Germany, 1979

  • Established Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy in Melbourne, Australia, 1982

  • Technical Director for the Australian Taekwondo Union, 1989 – 1993

  • President of Taekwondo Victoria, 1993 – 1996

  • Attained International Referee Certification, 1996

  • Technical Director for Taekwondo Australia Inc., 1997 – 1999.

  • Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo has played an instrumental role in the promotion of Taekwondo in Australia including the debut of Taekwondo at the Sydney Summer Olympics in the Year 2000.

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Taekwondo Lineage


GM Chun Sang Sup

Founder of Jidokwan

GM Lee Byung No

Head of


GM Sung Bok Joo

Founder of Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy

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Grandmaster Sung Bok Joo and family

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