At Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy you will gain expert technique from quality trainers using a traditional syllabus, giving you complete training in the art of taekwondo.
beginner and advanced levels
expert training
theory and technique
gives you a competitive advantage

Taekwondo Training

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Contact us to find out club locations and training timetables. All age groups and fitness levels welcome.
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Why is the academy called ‘Maeng Ho’?

The founder of Maeng Ho Taekwondo Academy is Master Sung Bok Joo. An accomplished Taekwondo instructor, who in his earlier days became Taekwondo state champion three times in South Korea. Upon completion of his training, his master gave him the name ‘Maeng Ho’ as a gift due to Master Joo’s fearless and powerful Taekwondo nature. Find out more >